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Adding Solar to your home is easy and affordable.

$0 money down.
Eliminate or reduce your electric bills.
Receive thousands in tax credits and rebates.
Add value to your home.
Protect yourself against rising electric rates.

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Why solar makes sense β˜€οΈ

save $$$ by switching to renewable energy

Clean, renewable Energy

All your energy needs can be covered by solar power, meaning you won’t be subject to reliance on the electric company.

Control Your Costs

Electricity rates increase 3-4% each year. Imagine being able lock in your rate and save upwards of 50,000 on your bills over the years. It’s possible.

Premium Service and Guarantees

Get your project done once and get it done right. Our work is covered by a 12 year roof warranty, and 25 years on all panels and parts.

Most solar energy installations are eligible for the federal tax credit.

Previously called the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This program enables you to deduct up to 26% of your solar system’s installation costs from your total tax liability for the year of purchase. Even storage and roof costs when completed with a solar installation qualify for this rebate. This tax credit reduces to to 22% in 2023. To maximize savings, you must have an installation done by December 31, 2022. We can help, get in touch today.